About Us

We're Monique and Erik.

Monique Marques


Erik Damas


We became best friends and great partners, and things have never been the same in our lives ever since! There’s always a new story happening and each one makes our love stronger and stronger every day! 
Married for over 11 years, we remember our special day as if it were today!
On our wedding day, we felt exactly what we want our couples to feel today! The importance of having the true message on that special day!

There are cinematographers and photographers with different perspectives, but we want a way of looking at things that launches a more complete and intense journey. We’ve been cinema producers since 8 years ago and 4 years ago a client came to us to film and photograph their wedding. We explained that it was not our area and they told us that was exactly what they were looking for, a different look. We accepted the offer, we did and WOW! … How to tell love stories can be incredible, we think! And from then on we never stopped.


Love stories are our fuel.

Creativity is what moves us!

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