A photographer/videographer with real wedding experience is really important, it’s going to make all the difference on the final product as making sure its on its best storytelling, quality, even all little details covered, there’s a lot going on when we talk about shooting a wedding, you have worked a lot to get it all planned and now you’re trusting on a professional/team to give you amazing pictures of every single moment that you’re going to keep for life. Therefore, make sure the photographer is not only showing nice shots but is able to work at an “event where there is no control over time” also be a great connection to what your wedding is going to be like, and finally give you enjoyable time while shooting.

We’re very familiar working in both situations so in the end of the day whatever works best for you we are happy with, but to help about deciding, it depends more about the itinerary, how big is the event, how many guests and locations, 2 will give you more content, detailed shots at same time “while the bride is walking down the aisle” 1 is shooting the bride and the other 1 is getting the groom’s reaction at the very same time, it will also be saving time as splitting on “getting ready, wedding party and a few other moments”, for most weddings you won’t feel you’re missing anything with having only 1 professional, and if you have the chance to compare the same wedding with 2 lol you’re going to find out more content.
It is a photo and/or video shooting prior to the wedding. Beyond having really nice photos and/or video to keep, to print and display at the wedding it’s going to give you the opportunity to work with the photographer, previously the wedding getting more familiar with each other and a better connection to work again at the big day. Also, for the mini doc it can be played at the reception and it’s going to engage all your guests bringing a lot of fun with your narrative or it can be used as a save the date video invitation.
Hell, we love the real old school look and all its process, if you do too then you got the chance to include it as add-on your package, we shoot on super-8, 35mm and 120mm (medium format) from 70’s and 80’s and then send it to the lab to develop and convert to digital so we’re able to include either on the photo gallery and/or wedding highlights film.
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